Bathroom Floor Engineered Wood

Bathroom Floor Engineered Wood – Bathroom Floor Engineered Wood

By Puja Gupta

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Bathroom Floor Engineered Wood

New Delhi, Jan 13 (IANSlife) Copse attic in kitchen and ablution — is it a acceptable idea? Probably not the best abstraction demography into application our acclimate altitude and affairs as copse does not go able-bodied with clammy environments. However, there are acceptable options accessible if one prefers to go advanced with copse flooring. Aashish Poojari, Director, Havwoods India, underlines the pros and cons of it and suggests means how you can advance and accomplish it durable.


Indian Kitchen is a actual active area, while actuality acclimated from aboriginal hours of the morning and throughout the day till night. From spills and splashes to aliment stains to alone accoutrement and dishes, there are a cardinal of altered challenges that your floors will accept to face. While tiles and ceramics are accepted for this area, one can opt for copse attic provided, it has been able-bodied taken affliction of.

Wood is a accustomed artefact and it expands and affairs depending on the temperature and damp levels in the environment. Since, the damp levels in the kitchen are about high, due to cooking, bleared etc., hence, copse attic is not appropriate for such areas.

That actuality said, if one still wants to opt for copse attic again engineered copse should be the adopted choice. This blazon of copse is added abiding and does not aggrandize and arrangement as abundant as compared to solid wood. As temperatures acceleration and beef starts to ample the atmosphere, it will expand, but alone by a baby allotment and already the temperature stabilizes, it will absorb its accustomed size.

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Bathroom Floor Engineered Wood

The pros of copse attic in the kitchen are that copse gives a accustomed and aesthetically animated attending to the space. If maintained appropriately, copse can aftermost for years and is able in nature. However, the drawbacks, as mentioned above, connected aliment and vulnerability to water, splashes, stains etc. Moreover, copse is an big-ticket artefact compared to the added another options accessible in the market.


Since we all use the ablution barefoot, copse gives a added balmy and bawdy feeling, if installed central the bathroom. Solid copse floor, due to its constraints, may not be the best advantage in agreement of durability. Bathroom, like kitchens accommodate aerial levels of clamminess and damp does not go able-bodied with wood. Moreover, spills and splashes will accident the attic if not wiped, mopped or bankrupt immediately.

Of all the balk attic options available, engineered copse is a bigger choice, as it has college adherence and withstands damp abundant bigger than solid wood. However, able aliment and affliction should be taken. In case of ample households breadth accouchement are involved, there is apprenticed to be baptize agitated on the floor. This will advance to accession of moss and cast which can be absolutely dangerous. Copse attic can be a acceptable advantage for bedfellow allowance or crumb allowance breadth there is basal adventitious of spills and baptize on the floor. Ensure that the accession if absolutely alert bottomward and the copse has a tougher lacquered coating.

The pros of installing copse attic in the ablution is they are added abatement and abating to the anxiety due to its warmth, it absolutely changes the ambient of a ablution to a different space, giving it appearance and appeal. A able-bodied maintained copse attic will aftermost about 25 years.

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Bathroom Floor Engineered Wood

The cons are agnate to the kitchen, baby spills and splashes will accident the wood. Alike aerosol that abatement out while abrasion your face may be troublesome. The attic needs to be accumbent and counterbalanced well, or abroad it may account alveolate spaces aural the floor. This will advance to accession of baptize in one accurate breadth due to the alterity in the leveling. Ablution calamity is a daydream alike back you accept tiles installed. This can be adverse in the case of wood. The baptize will bleed through the copse and nooks and corners breadth there is any ambit of space. This will advance to bacteria, cast and bane basic into the floor.

In adjustment to abstain all this, one should foremost consistently advance the floor, use ablution mats, and install a tub with battery curtains to abbreviate the discharge on the floor.

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