Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes

Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes – Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes

While the purpose of a basin abode is decided—varying from a simple alteration base and battery breadth to a added busy absorbing space—its adornment can be annihilation you imagine.

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Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes

“The architectonics should reflect the exoteric architectonics of the capital house, but the autogenous can be different,” says Joseph C. Fava of Fava Architectonics Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Pool houses can be a abandonment from the capital abode and go whimsical, bold, and ablaze with artwork, absorbing bank murals, and able colors.”

“It can become a abode to agreement with altered styles that may be too chancy for your accustomed home,” says Christine Markatos Lowe of Christine Markatos Architectonics in Santa Monica, Calif.

For account on how to adorn your amplitude in style, chase these tips from the architectonics pros.

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Think about anatomy and action

“When designing basin houses, we like to use watercolors in blues, navy, and azure and amalgamate neutrals like bank and white with a blow of red or chicken to accord the amplitude its own identity. It should be ablaze and airy, comfortable, and accidentally chic.

“Storage is essential. Add affluence of hooks to adhere towels as able-bodied as baskets to backing bank towels, basin floats, and sunscreen. The appliance should be adequate and baptize aggressive to bear wet bathing suits.

“For assurance purposes, I would accept attic in a abounding format, such as 24 x 48 ribbed ceramics asphalt or a heavily textured concrete, to anticipate bottomward and be accessible to clean. The abounding architectonics additionally expands the space, authoritative the allowance arise larger.

“Outdoor fabrics are a charge back they’re accessible to maintain. I about-face to Perennials, Link, and Holly Hunt for absorbing combinations. Appliance that is over-stuffed and adequate is absolute for the space.

“Depending on the admeasurement of the basin house, you ability accept an alfresco kitchen with an icemaker, refrigerator and cooler center; a bath with his-and-hers alteration areas; as able-bodied as bold tables.”

— Joseph C. Fava of Fava Architectonics Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes

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Plan the Logistics

“While the capital abode encloses spaces, the basin abode aims to allure the alfresco in, abashing the boundaries amid architectonics and landscape.

“The best axiological considerations are form, space, materiality, and orientation. In this case, the anatomy is simplified with a faculty of amplitude acquired from all-encompassing glazing. The achievement of the interiors should reflect the outside, while the acclimatization should aerate angle while advancement aloofness and aegis from the sun.

“Textured and acid abstracts assignment able-bodied on floors and animate a chain of accomplishment amid central and out.

“The appliance needs to be all-around yet practical. We use all-weather or breathable fabrics that cope able-bodied with moisture. Lighting is additionally a key consideration—controlling sunlight during the day and creating the appropriate ambiance afterwards hours.

“The basin abode is a amusing space, so accurate anticipation should be accustomed to how groups of altered sizes can associate at altered times of the day. While lighting adds ambient to the centralized areas, it can additionally draw your absorption to key appearance of the mural at night.”

— Charlie Caswell, arch London-based HBA Residential

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Opt for athletic fabrics and abstracts

“A basin abode should be centered about the abstraction of indoor/outdoor active and bifold as an added absorbing space. A abundant bar with abounding seating, a kitchen (or at atomic a bore and refrigerator), an easy-access bathroom, and adequate lounge appliance are all capital to creating the absolute multi-purpose area.

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Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes

“Easy-cleaning, worry-free abstracts are your acquaintance in a basin house. For floors, we acclaim adhesive tiles or added non-slip, non-glossy materials. For walls, a vinyl wallpaper adds amore and arrangement while actuality accessible to apple-pie and baptize resistant. Millwork can additionally be corrective to actualize a water-resistant finish.

“Multi-purpose pieces are great, so a sleeper-sofa, for example, lets the basin abode bifold as a bedfellow abode with added beds. Slip-cover pieces with alfresco fabrics or appliance with corrective finishes are a charge for accessible cleaning. We additionally adulation the attending of teak and rattan in a basin abode for a cabana-chic look.

“Ease of admission is essential, so the above the doors, the bigger the indoor/outdoor feel and the cantankerous breeze. Abode windows and doors strategically to actualize beheld vignettes of the basin breadth and beyond.”

— Christine Markatos Lowe of Christine Markatos Architectonics in Santa Monica, California.

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Get Artistic

“Although it’s important to accumulate some array of bendability to actualize a breeze from the central out, it’s not all-important to bout all elements. By anxiously selecting altered materials, colors, furnishings, art, and accessories you can accomplish the basin abode a different amplitude that acts as a retreat for ancestors and friends. Get artistic with a different allotment of appliance or tile, such as a Moroccan circuitous or Italian terrazzo. Ablaze blush adds personality and funk, while aerial colors accompany calmness to the space.

“Both walls and floors should be humidity- and water-resistant to bear the alfresco elements and usage. It’s important to accept non-slip flooring, whether it’s a accustomed actual or porcelain.

“This is a acceptable abode to add sliding doors or abbreviating sliding doors that abandon into the walls to actualize an indoor/outdoor flow.

“Consider putting in an alfresco kitchen with a barbecue, an alfresco bar, a dining table beneath a covered lanai with adequate seating, a fireplace, and audio visual.”

— Designer Thuraya Khatab of Clive Daniel Home in Boca Raton, Florida

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Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes

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Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes

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Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes

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Bathroom Flooring Ideas Lowes