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Today, millions of bodies about the apple will about-face on their smartphones and browse their screens for the black-and-white Uber icon, abandoned to acquisition it missing. Instead, they’ll see a ablaze geometric shape—hexagonal if they drive, annular if they’re a rider—surrounding a small, bit-like square. The colors and patterns will alter from country to country—red in China, azure in India, aphotic azure in the United States—but everywhere, the app will accessible with an elegant, blooming animation, affable users to the new Uber.

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Bathroom Wall Tiles Nigeria

Go analysis for yourself, if you haven’t already. Does it work? Do you like it? Are you freaking out? Be honest.

Because appropriate now, on the fourth attic of Uber’s alveolate offices in burghal San Francisco, the company’s aggressive architect and CEO, Travis Kalanick, is cat-and-mouse to apprehend what bodies think. He’s apparently pacing; it’s what he does aback he works through problems, and this is a botheration he’s been alive through for added than two-and-a-half years. “I don’t apperceive what’s activity to happen,” he tells me bristles canicule afore launch. It can booty time for bodies to appear about to article so new, he says, “but I feel that it’s activity to be good.”


Uber, the busline and acumen unicorn abounding clandestine investors accede added admired than Ford Motor Aggregation or FedEx, rebranded today. The aggregation adapted its logo, and new rider- and partner-app icons reflect the individuality of Uber’s bounded markets. In abode of black, gray, and blue, Uber is all-embracing ablaze colors, and lots of them. Anniversary of 65 barrage countries will accept a toolbox of new cast assets that accommodate tailored colors and patterns, new midcentury avant-garde illustrations, and guidelines for photography. Uber hopes to advance a added adjustable cast that can abound with the aggregation as it develops new articles and attracts new customers.

The adventure of how Uber came to alter the all-over ‘U’ logo is about added than a accumulated rebranding effort. It’s a coming-of-age tale.

The adventure of how Kalanick and his architectonics aggregation came to alter the all-over “U” logo is about added than a accumulated rebranding effort. It’s a coming-of-age tale. It’s about Uber’s attack to transform its purpose and adhesive a new reputation—to change not abandoned how it is perceived throughout the world, but how it perceives itself. Aback in 2010, Uber’s founders launched an app that let affluent bros arouse BMWs and Lincoln Town Cars at the advance of a button. It was an elegant, elitist way for Kalanick, his friends, and bodies like them to “roll about San Francisco like ballers.” This, of course, was afore Uber ran afield of regulators and got hit with lawsuits alleging it misclassifies drivers as clandestine contractors. It was afore Kalanick aloft added than $10 billion—valuing the business at abutting to $65 billion—on the affiance that it would become the approaching of logistics. And it was afore the barrage of UberX, UberCommute, and UberPool—egalitarian offerings that feel absolutely un-baller. “The aboriginal app was an attack at article luxury,” says Kalanick. “That’s area we came from, but it’s not area we are today.”

Today, you’ll acquisition Uber in 400 cities in 65 countries. Almost two-thirds of its 6,000 or so bodies accept been with the aggregation below than one year. That affectionate of hypergrowth has a history of causing startups—Blackberry, Palm, and Twitter amid them—to lose focus. Aback best of your advisers fit in your active room, it’s accessible to acquaint your plans. But now that assignment is exponentially harder. What’s more, Uber is a all-around and a bounded brand—the Mumbai bazaar is actual altered than, say, the bazaar in Lagos. Uber’s rebrand, says Kalanick, is about allowance every actuality in its ecosystem—riders, partners, and employees—grok the company’s ability and ambitions.

Here’s the thing, though. Kalanick is not a designer. He’s an architect by training and an administrator by nature. Yet he banned to allocate the rebranding to anyone else. This was an abnormal decision. Best CEOs appoint experts—branding agencies that specialize in advice accumulated ethics into fonts and colors—or tap an centralized team. Not Kalanick. For the accomplished three years, he’s formed alongside Uber architectonics administrator Shalin Amin and a dozen or so others, beating out account from a airless amplitude they alarm the War Room. Forth the way, he advised up on concepts alignment from kerning to blush palettes. “I didn’t apperceive any of this stuff,” says Kalanick. “I aloof knew it was important, and so I capital it to be good.”

Kalanick’s captivation makes added faculty aback you accept the rebranding was personal. “There’s an change here, for the architect as able-bodied as for the company,” he says, “because really, they’re actual connected.” During Uber’s aboriginal years, Kalanick came beyond as a advancing bro, a rebel-hero consistently angling for a confrontation—with regulators, the auto industry, and competitors. Reflecting on this, Kalanick says it was all a bribery by the media. Aback you don’t absolutely apperceive who you are, he says, it’s accessible to be miscast—as a company, or as a person. For Kalanick, who turns 40 this year and has acquired a few added shades of argent in his spiky, salt-and-pepper hair, this rebrand has been an act of self-exploration. It is his attack to ascertain who he is, and to accord himself the adaptability to advance alongside the aggregation he started.

As for Amin, he capital to rebrand the aggregation from the day he started in the bounce of 2012. A agile artist with black-framed glasses and a actual ablaze beard, Amin, 37, and Kalanick had formed calm six months earlier, on a arrangement activity to redesign the addition app.

The way Amin saw it, Uber’s branding problems were manifold. For one, the aggregation had two logos—one with a U central a box on the Android app, and one with a U and no box on the Apple app. The belletrist in the UBER wordmark were too broadly spaced, and the U had an cruddy aberration on its larboard prong. What’s more, the lettermark—the stylized, upper-case “U”—looked awkward beside the wordmark. “It apprehend U-UBER,” says Amin, “like ‘Oooober.’”

Kalanick knew there was a problem, but he had a continued account of added acute matters. Uber had cars in below than 20 cities and a bald 50 employees, abandoned two of whom were designers. “I was a startup guy; I had a business to run,” says Kalanick. But in July of that year, the aggregation launched UberX. UberCommute and UberPool would appear later, but Uber had become a altered aggregation aural a amount of months. By the end of 2013, the aggregation had absitively it was time for a refresh. They started talking to agencies and interviewed added than bisected a dozen. Nothing seemed right. Either an bureau would accept abundant account and poor execution, or its designers wouldn’t accept what Kalanick and Amin capital to do.

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Bathroom Wall Tiles Nigeria

It took a year and a bisected to accede on bristles pillars that best declared the aggregation Uber aspires to be: grounded, populist, inspiring, awful evolved, and elevated.

Truth be told, Amin and Kalanick didn’t absolutely accept what they were aggravating to do, either. They accomplished they bare to accept not abandoned the affair they no best were, but additionally the affair Uber was at the time, and what it was acceptable to become. Alive with a few added designers, Amin and Kalanick started aggravating to bright new cast pillars, aggregation attack they could distill into simple words and phrases. They did acceptable card-sorting contest and advised images, testing agreement to amount out what resonated best. It took them 18 months to accede on bristles pillars they anticipation best declared the aggregation Uber aspires to be: grounded, populist, inspiring, awful evolved, and elevated.


By aftermost spring, they’d chock-full attractive for outsiders to activate the brand. The aggregation had, by that point, accumulated a added complete architectonics team, which had developed added assured in its own ideas. They absitively go it alone. And they’d fabricated abundant progress. A Brazilian artist called Roger Oddone accustomed from Google to assignment on the typography and came up with some 200 new fonts to alter a logo abounding begin adamantine to read. He narrowed it to two—a tight, blocky chantry and a thicker one with angled corners. By accumulation the best elements of anniversary and adjusting the prongs of the “e” in Uber, he came up with a wordmark that is accessible to read.

Any architectonics action has a way of boring on as designers accomplish amaranthine baby adjustments in following of perfection. Not this one. Alike now, Kalanick strides over to the affiche lath address the new logo and credibility to it, afresh lifts all ten fingers to his aperture and squints his eyes. “Mmmm!” he says. Amin nods and says, “The architectonics analysis took ten minutes. He was like, ‘that’s good.’” But the logo alien a bigger problem; beside it, Uber’s old cast assets looked tired. Forget a refresh—it was time for the aggregation to rebrand entirely.

When Uber’s architectonics aggregation gets absolutely stuck, they booty a cruise to Amin’s house. It’s a three-bedroom address with a chalkboard wall, amid at the bend of San Francisco’s hip Mission adjacency with a Dejected Bottle Coffee on the corner. In June, afterwards abstraction hundreds of icons afterwards landing on a acceptable lead, Amin arrive them over for a week-long retreat. He challenged the designers to advance not aloof an image, but a concept. Anyone can draw an icon, he told them. What’s the adventure abaft it? As they sketched on the bank and sifted through materials, the accumulation began to focus on a blog column Kalanick had written, in which he declared Uber’s ability as the aggregate of $.25 and atoms. $.25 represented the apparatus ability complex in Uber’s mapping and celerity software. The atoms represented people.

The abstraction stuck: $.25 and atoms gave the aggregation a anatomy on which to adhere the redesign. They alternate to the war allowance with this conceptual framework for architectonics a toolbox of materials. The old branding abstracts were about nonexistent—black, gray, and dejected colors and a few baby architectonics elements (a grid, a dot, and a line) that Uber’s marketers could use to put calm ads and promotional materials. This bits-and-atoms framework provided a arctic brilliant as the aggregation started because new colors, patterns, photographs, and illustrations. At atomic already a anniversary they’d allure Kalanick to the war allowance for jam sessions that could aftermost up to four hours.

Meanwhile, a set of patterns emerged organically. The artistic apperception abaft these was Catherine Ray, 28, a communications artist who was abstruse over capacity aback she begin afflatus in the baby aboveboard tiles in her bathroom. Their filigree accumulation echoed the $.25 aspects of their bits-and-atoms theme. She began arena with the idea, abstraction ovals and lines, and afresh press 50 options that she added to a display. She stared at it. The aggregation stared at it. Kalanick stared at it, slapping red Post-Its on his favorites. She apparent the ambiguous ones—ones she acquainted were too squished up, or too busy—with chicken Post-Its. Eventually, they agreed on the arrangement that would represent the all-around brand.

Choosing colors was abundant tougher. The absolute palette of black, white, and dejected was steely, and resisted actuality congenital into promotional abstracts for, say, Halloween or Valentine’s day. Kalanick became engrossed, evaluating pixels and colors according to what he euphemistically calls his “unique” set of preferences. Ablaze smirks ripple beyond the room. “I basically gave up compassionate what your claimed alternative was,” Shalin tells him. “I was like, ‘He’s got this delicate affair activity with, like, ablaze colors.’”

Talia Herman for WIRED

They kept accepting stuck. The botheration was that alike Kalanick accomplished he shouldn’t be authoritative everything. It acquainted amiss for Uber’s all-around and bounded brands to circumduct about the blush preferences of a rich, white guy in California—even if that rich, white guy in California is the CEO. “We absolved out and we were like, this is crazy—we’re designing a cast for Travis,” says Amin. At some point, Amin accomplished the action would be easier if the accumulation accustomed a set of attack added designers could follow. That’s aback they hit on the abstraction of designing altered blush palettes for altered regions.

Ebi Atawodi is the accepted administrator of Uber Nigeria, in Lagos. She tells me that some 21 actor bodies alive in a burghal acclaimed for abominable traffic, and 40 percent of them accept smartphones. Atawodi, 29, assassin abroad from a bounded telecom abettor aftermost year, is tasked with accretion the Lagos market. Uber may be a all-around brand, but it is a bounded business. To succeed, Uber charge body disciplinarian networks in cities worldwide, and anniversary burghal is unique. In Lagos, for example, Uber riders can pay cash. In Colombia, if you’re drunk, you can arouse an UberAngel to accommodated you on his bike and drive your car home for you.

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Bathroom Wall Tiles Nigeria

A cast can be a able convening force for bodies like Atawodi, who can use it to actualize locally themed promotional materials, disciplinarian handbooks, and ads as they attack to expand. Amin and his aggregation absitively to actualize colors, patterns, and images that were specific to anniversary market, acceptance Uber advisers added freedom in crafting letters for their own cities.

A affection lath for India.




The designers mocked up affection boards for alone cities, regions and countries, piecing calm images apery architecture, textiles, fashion, and art, amid added things. Afresh they met with bodies like Atawodi in their bounded offices via video appointment to advice adapt the boards. “We aggregate it with disciplinarian partners, friends, aunties—everyone—just asking, if you were to call a attribute of Nigeria, what would it be?” says Atawodi. They landed on the ablaze colors of the acceptable Nigerian fabric, acknowledging of the navies and reds and yellows the aggregation in San Francisco had selected, and bringing them images to affect their work. The aftereffect is a set of colors that are specific to anniversary city. Atawodi says the appointment will be able to use them “to actualize the abstracts we appetite to create.” At launch, Uber’s redesign will action 65 country-specific color- and pattern-palettes and bristles all-around ones.

By November, the aggregation had a final architectonics for the icon—a cast so visually affiliated to the concepts they’d developed that, in anecdotic it, Kalanick already afresh narrowed his eyes and aerial his fingers to his aperture in a action of absolute satisfaction. But they had to annihilate the abstraction at the aftermost minute; the amount looked too abundant like one acceptance to an app launched by the State Bank of India. The architectonics aggregation alternate to the war room.

Within a month, they had a final-final design—a bit (or basically, a square) on a blooming background. A few canicule later, Kalanick questioned whether it was absolutely done. The aggregation afraid it was too minimalist—a user wouldn’t accomplish the affiliation to the beyond Uber brand. They absitively to sit with the abstraction for a brace of weeks.

Talia Herman for WIRED

In mid-November, anybody alternate to the war allowance already added for a brainstorming exercise with actual bright objectives. By the end of the week, they were activity to adjudge whether to accumulate the amount they had or acreage on a new, bigger concept. Someone ordered Indian food, the aroma of which persisted into the black as they sketched account on a white board. A adolescent artist called Bryant Jow drew bristles boxes and popped a geometric appearance about each. It aloof array of worked. “We’d fabricated this acceptance that one app could represent Uber,” said Jow, 27. “But Uber had already changed; we weren’t absolutely aloof one app anymore.”

Jow went home and began activation the shapes. He brought it to the accumulation on the additional day and they put their pencils down. They had it. The architectonics congenital Uber’s bits, a nod to aerial tech, and altered shapes, anniversary of which could represent a altered product, and below them, patterns and colors that could change in bounded markets. Jow presented the abstraction to Kalanick, who admired it. By Christmas, the aggregation had about accomplished the icons for the addition and accomplice apps. In aboriginal January, while Kalanick was traveling in India, he jumped on the buzz with Amin to allocution through the aftermost of the app’s refinements. “If you don’t apprehend from me in 48 hours,” he remembers cogent Amin, “We’re good.” Amin watched the alarm and his email box alternately for 24 hours, and afresh bound bottomward the final-final-final architectonics on January 19.

I met with Kalanick aftermost week, on the aforementioned day Apple accustomed Uber’s new apps for the app store. There was no activity back. Two-and-a-half years afterwards Kalanick began cerebration about how to advice Uber’s cast abound up, its new apps were ready. He, Amin and six others spent added than two hours allegorical me through the choices the designers had fabricated forth the way, and the assorted credibility at which they’d wrestled with the catechism who absolutely are we?

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Bathroom Wall Tiles Nigeria

It’s a catechism Kalanick is alpha to acknowledgment for himself. “The warmth, the colors, those things,” he says, comatose to the new brand. “That happens, aback you alpha to apperceive who you are.”

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