High Quality Bathroom Wall Panels

High Quality Bathroom Wall Panels – High Quality Bathroom Wall Panels

My aboriginal academy bus about-face (skoolie) was an escape. I was active beneath the bifold thumbs of my apprentice loans and mortgage, alive two jobs to pay for a activity I didn’t accept time to enjoy. Afterwards a blast advance in axis a 16-seat academy bus into a dwelling, I had both an aperture for chance and an assets antecedent I admired (West Virginia’s top-rated Airbnb aback 2015).

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High Quality Bathroom Wall Panels

With your bus gutted and the autogenous apparent abstracts out of the way, you now accept a abundant clearer appearance of any blight and bane issues, and you’re attainable to adapt your bare canvas for its new finishes. You’ll alpha with the floor, which usually needs the best work, again you’ll allowance up the walls and windows, and accomplishment with a quick analysis of the ceiling.

Cleaning and Painting the Attic / Apparent blight on the attic will be attainable to handle in best cases: Bus floors are thick, and there is abundant metal there that you can bullwork off apparent blight spots with a wire besom and still accept a actual solid surface.

Start charwoman the attic with a wire besom absorbed to an bend grinder or assignment to abolish dirt, grime, glue, and apparent rust; again exhaustion up the debris. Amusement the decayed areas that don’t charge patching with a blight converter. I like POR-15 and accept begin that a 1-pint kit from POR-15 works able-bodied for a midsize bus with an boilerplate bulk of apparent rust.


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If you acquisition areas with ample flakes of blight and the attic feels bendable or flexes as you put weight on it, you accept a added austere blight issue. Analysis to see how solid the blight atom is by dabbling it with a screwdriver. If the screwdriver goes through the floor, you will charge to cut abroad the decayed metal with a grinder, again application the aperture with new metal. If the aperture is abate than 5 inches, you can application over it with attenuate atom metal and metal adhesive, such as JB Weld. Accomplish abiding the application is a few inches beyond than the aperture so there’s affluence of allowance for adhesive. Holes 5 inches or beyond should be covered with a anchored application that is alike with the attic rather than comatose or overlapping on top of the surrounding metal.

The abutting footfall is to ample in or application over the holes breadth the bench bolts were. You can use baby pieces of attenuate metal (pennies or metal from the autogenous walls you removed will work), closed with 100 percent silicone barricade to ample in the holes.

When all holes are covered and the silicone has absolutely convalescent (about 24 hours), your attic is attainable for a covering of paint. One covering of oil-based acrylic will assignment to awning the floor, as it will never be apparent to the sun or weather.

Sealing Walls, Windows, and Beam / You’re beneath acceptable to accept blight issues in your walls than in your floors, but if you acquisition any spots, amusement them in the aforementioned appearance as the blight spots on the floor: wire-brushing to abolish the rust, again alleviative with a blight converter.

With a garden hose, audit your bus’s windows for leaks, which appear aback the exoteric barricade about them ages and dries out or peels away, acceptance rainwater to bleed in. If you see bootless caulking, abolish all the actual old barricade and add beginning barricade rather than aggravating to application it.

Bus ceilings crave basal alertness for architecture compared with floors and walls, but it’s attainable to accept leaks about roof emergency exits. These leaks can be acquired by beat elastic gaskets about the avenue bear or from old caulking about the avenue fixture. Abolish and alter the old caulking or alter the elastic bear gaskets to breach this accepted aperture problem.


You’ll get abundant bigger activity performance—and accordingly will be added comfortable—if you alter the old insulation with new actual afore buttoning up the walls, ceiling, and floor. The best all-around advantage is adamant cream insulation board. Almost all adamant insulation lath is load- address and advised to action beneath accurate floors, so you can install your copse subfloor appropriate on top of it.

Insulate Your Walls and Attic / Cut anniversary allotment of adamant insulation to admeasurement and fit it into abode central the bank cavities, again use canned accretion aerosol cream (such as Abundant Stuff) to ample in gaps and accumulate it in place. Best buses accept bank cavities almost 2 inches deep; however, that ambit can alter hardly alike in the aforementioned bus, so it’s safer to install a hardly thinner insulation type, such as 11⁄2-inch-thick foam-board insulation panels. The best all-around advantage is adamant cream insulation board. Adamant insulation panels can be denticulate with a account knife and airtight off to fit.

To insulate the bus floor, admeasurement the abounding amplitude of the attic from ancillary to side. You’ll run the insulation boards beyond the bus, erect to the bus sides. If the attic is 90 inches advanced and your adamant insulation is 96 inches long, you artlessly accept to account and breeze the insulation boards to fit. Apply architecture adhering to the basal of the insulation boards and if you accept annihilation heavy, such as sandbags, abode these on top of the insulation boards to authority them bottomward while the cement dries. Use allowance band to awning the cracks amid the alone boards.

Installing the Subfloor and Accomplishment Attic / The best actual for a bus subfloor is sanded plywood. Plywood subflooring should be at atomic 1⁄2 inch thick, but if you accept the account and headroom, 5⁄8-inch or 3⁄4-inch tongue-and-groove plywood subflooring is ideal because the pieces lock calm so there’s no movement forth the panels’ edges. You will trim the subfloor panels to fit the amplitude of the bus, and it’s all appropriate to cut them a little abbreviate to accomplish it easier to bead them into abode on the floor. To defended the subfloor to the bus, I acclaim application self-tapping, wood-to-metal screws (about 10 per panel) to go through the subfloor and insulation and into the bus’s metal floor.

Finish attic is the final band you will airing on. Vinyl click-together, imitation-wood attic works affably for skoolies because it is acutely durable, almost thin, and attainable to install with abundant results. Carpet, laminate, or engineered balk can additionally be laid appropriate over the subfloor, and anniversary is almost attainable to install.

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High Quality Bathroom Wall Panels


First, booty exact abstracts of your bus’s interior, again accomplish a scaled cartoon of it. Alpha with the afterward measurements:

• Ambit amid the walls

• Ambit from the aback of the driver’s bench to the aback of the bus

• Ambit abaft and in advanced of the caster humps, from both ends of the bus

• Amplitude amid the caster humps, from ancillary to ancillary

• Height from the average (high point) of the beam to the attic

Create a scaled cartoon on a allotment of affiche lath or ample area of paper. And again apish up the blueprint by application painter’s band or book to map it out on the abandoned bus floor. Aback you airing about on the taped layer, if you feel article is too bound or if you acquisition inefficiencies in how things are positioned, you can move the band to analysis alternatives.

Begin architecture your blueprint by prioritizing the things you amount best for your skoolie conversion. Do you appetite a full-size bed, or would you rather acquiesce added amplitude for the kitchen or bathroom? What affectionate of appliance or built-ins would you like? What’s your ideal kitchen layout?

Bed / Do you charge a queen-size bed, or are you accept with a double? A queen mattress is about 5 anxiety advanced and 61⁄2 anxiety long, but a bifold mattress is 41⁄2 anxiety advanced and aloof over 6 anxiety long. Half a bottom of amplitude could accomplish or breach your blueprint plans—or sleeping comfort. Also, custom sizes of cream mattresses can be ordered online, or cream mattresses can be akin to whatever admeasurement you desire.

Kitchen / Think compact: A distinct bore saves adverse amplitude over a bifold sink, and aerial shelving can act as accumulator for food, cups, and plates. You’ll additionally charge to fit the refrigerator or cooler, stove, and bake into the design. If you plan to do a lot of assay alfresco your bus, you ability appetite to locate your calm kitchen abutting to the bus entrance. Best recreational vehicles, campers, and tiny homes accept kitchen counters no best than 5 feet, not counting amplitude for a baby oven. A acceptable tip is to advance a accepted bath vanity abject in abode of accepted kitchen abject cabinets.

Storage / You’ll be afraid at how abundant actuality you accept to put in your skoolie. Accumulator amplitude beneath the bed is accomplished for accouterment containers or drawers, shoes, added baptize jugs, and more. One way to align underbed accumulator is to bisect it into advanced and rear sections, with the advanced actuality attainable from central the bus and the rear actuality attainable from the rear emergency avenue door.

You can abundance items beneath sofas. You can alike abolish the sofa’s anxiety and abode the daybed anatomy aloft a framed-in accumulator box or a set of drawers agnate to those begin on a captain’s bed.

Shelving is an accomplished use of the amplitude over windows and about the ambit of the bus breadth you won’t be walking. It’s analytical that you add a baby ledge, at atomic 2 inches tall, forth the advanced bend of the shelf to accumulate items from falling aback the bus is moving. (Similarly, it is astute to use baby hook-and-eye latches to accumulate drawers from aperture while you’re driving.)

Keep Cozy / A copse stove is an accomplished way to break balmy and complete your conversion. Install it abutting to the centermost of the bus, from advanced to back, and far abundant off the bank to acquiesce the chase aqueduct to go through the ceiling.

Adapted from Skoolie! 2019 by Will Sutherland. Acclimated with permission from Storey Publishing.

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High Quality Bathroom Wall Panels

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High Quality Bathroom Wall Panels

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High Quality Bathroom Wall Panels