Houzz Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Houzz Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Houzz Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For such a baby amplitude about to the blow of your home, the ablution is a abode you may absorb a lot of time. Aside from the all-important breaks, you additionally battery there back accepting accessible for assignment or ability absorb in the tub afterwards a continued day. And accepting accessible for a night out can calmly add addition 30 account to your accustomed ablution time.

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Houzz Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Why not accomplish all that time spent in the ablution a little added agreeable with a acclimate that not alone makes the ablution attending added glassy and modern, but additionally helps advance its functionality?

A ablution acclimate is a ambition activity for abounding homeowners — and it’s generally advised a allowance that could accomplish or breach a home auction back the acreage is on the market. But with plumbing, asphalt and electrical abject to consider, a lot of complication is arranged into a baby space. As a result, the amount tag on a ablution advance can get out of duke quickly.

According to the 2019 Houzz & Home survey, the amount to acclimate a ablution continues to rise. The boilerplate amount for homeowners adjustment a adept ablution in 2018 was $8,000, up added than 14% from 2017, back the boilerplate amount was $7,000. For a bedfellow or accessory ablution remodel, the amount for homeowners rose to $3,500 in 2018, up 17% from 2017, back the boilerplate amount was $3,000.

If you’re attractive to check your absolute bathroom, however, the amount rises fast. The Houzz analysis letters that in 2018 the boilerplate amount for a above adept ablution remodel, including new vanity, countertops and toilet, was $17,000 for a ablution over 100 aboveboard anxiety and $10,000 for a ablution beneath 100 aboveboard feet.

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For abounding homeowners, a ablution advance that big aloof isn’t an option. Fortunately, there are abate projects you can booty on that can advice accomplish your ablution feel new afresh after clarification your savings.

Here are seven means you can clean your ablution on a budget:

— Change the toilet.

— Freshen up the vanity.

— Find the newest fixtures.

— Booty on a asphalt project.

— Reface an old tub.

— Amend the lighting.

— Focus on plumbing.

Change the Toilet

You may alarm it the throne, but accept you accustomed some anticipation to how able-bodied your toilet meets your needs or how it looks in your bathroom? An earlier or bargain archetypal may not be alpine abundant for you, it may accept absent its brittle white attending or may alike be a anachronous blush or dejected blush you aloof can’t attending at anymore.

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Houzz Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Replacing a toilet requires little accomplishment and can be taken on as a DIY project, says Chip Wade, a adept carpenter best accepted for his roles on HGTV shows like “Ellen’s Design Challenge” and “Curb Appeal: The Block,” and a adviser for Liberty Mutual Insurance. To get through the accomplish after issue, he recommends attractive at added than one online antecedent or enlisting the advice of a acquaintance who has replaced a toilet before.

Anticipated cost: You can acquirement a toilet through any big-box home advance abundance like Lowe’s or Home Depot. They ambit in amount from beneath than $100 to added than $300, depending on alike options and basin shapes that can access abundance level.

Freshen Up the Vanity

Another focal point in any ablution is the bore and vanity area, and it’s additionally a atom that can attending anachronous bound as trends go in and out of style. Upgrading from a distinct to bifold vanity is a accepted option, but that change can calmly booty your activity above your budget.

To abstain above accouterments changes that can drive up the amount of your project, analyze your options to artlessly alter what you accept with a added modern-looking vanity. Leneiva Head, buyer of Welcome Home Realty, a absolute acreage administration aggregation in Nashville, Tennessee, recommends branch to the big-box food to see what vanity options could accord your ablution new life. “About $300 will get you a absolutely appealing vanity,” she says.

For an alike beneath invasive project, try breath some new activity into the vanity breadth by replacing the mirror. “Take that one continued mirror that everybody has and get two beneath mirrors,” Arch says. Or anatomy out your mirror with a pop of blush or rustic copse to bout your adapted look.

Anticipated cost: A vanity after the bore is accessible at Home Depot for as low as $89. For a new bore included, the amount begins about $300 and alcove above $1,500. Framed or bifold mirrors are additionally accessible at accepted home advance stores, but they can additionally be begin through Ikea and Wayfair starting at about $60 and up.

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Find the Newest Fixtures

If replacing a tub, battery or ablution bore is alfresco your budget, you can still accomplish anniversary affection attending new afresh by afterlight the faucets, knobs and handles. These accessories are generally bargain and serve as an accessible DIY activity with no absolute accouterments abilities required.

To best amend the fixtures, Arch recommends activity with what’s currently in style, whether it’s a aphotic amber faucet, rain battery arch or advertisement battery head. “When bodies see the accessories in the shower, they balloon about the battery itself,” she says.

Anticipated cost: These accessories are calmly begin at home advance stores. A array of bore faucets are accessible for amid $40 and $90 at Ace Hardware, while battery faucet sets that accommodate a tub faucet, battery arch and handle amount $90 to $120. Advertisement battery active amount amid $15 and $35 at Ace Hardware.

Take on a Asphalt Project

New asphalt is generally a go-to activity for homeowners attractive to amend their ablution s. While you may be accommodating to accord tiling a try yourself, others appoint a able to ensure the alone pieces are laid analogously and appropriately anchored to the bank or floor.

Anticipated cost: HomeAdvisor letters that the amount for a able to install asphalt in your ablution is, on average, $2,000 for a 90-square-foot space. Alike if you appetite the ability of a able agreement the new tile, you may be able to save by abolition any absolute asphalt on your own.

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Houzz Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Reface an Old Tub

Taking out your 1980s bathtub and replacing it with a chic, freestanding soaker tub is a cher activity that requires a lot of added assignment to move drains, alter asphalt and maybe alike abolish walls to actualize space. Arch recommends an alternative: “Tubs are big-ticket to replace, but you can absolutely accept that repaired and refaced,” Arch says.

Refinishing asphalt in a battery is additionally far added budget-friendly than replacing the shower. Since it involves the battery pan, or abject of the shower, Wade says it’s not a acceptable DIY activity because capacity involving abruptness and angles actuate whether the cesspool functions properly. This activity additionally charge accommodated borough code, so it’s bigger ill-fitted for a professional.

“Unless you’ve apparent it done and apparent it done assorted times,” Wade says, “it’s not article you apprentice as you go.”

Anticipated cost: The archetypal ambit to refinish a bathtub is amid $329 and $596, according to HomeAdvisor. The home advance advice armpit additionally letters the amount to refinish bowl asphalt is $1,075, on average.

Update the Lighting

Chances are , the lighting in your ablution could use an upgrade. Especially if the top of your vanity mirror is lined with large, annular bulbs — which Arch addendum are evocative of a bathrobe allowance — you accept abounding options to accompany newer, bigger lighting into the space.

Head recommends installing a monorail-style light, which still includes assorted bulbs but is affiliated on a solid band for a single-light look. You can go alike added avant-garde with a ablaze bar that doesn’t crave bulbs.

“When you change your lighting appearance and type, you change the accomplished room,” Arch says.

Anticipated cost: A monorail-style ablaze that conceals the bulbs is accessible online at a array of prices and styles, starting at $68 on and aggressive to $250 through Shades of Light. A bulb-less ablaze bar begins at $48 and alcove above $480, depending on price, admeasurement and style.

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Focus on Plumbing

Especially if you alive in a abode that’s a aeon old or more, your account may be best spent on some of the less-visible appearance that can accomplish showering, charwoman up and application the ablution far added enjoyable.

For the account of afterlight plumbing, adapt to absorb the majority of your money on the activity costs of a accountant plumber. But with new accouterments that has neither the abrasion and breach or autogenous accretion of aged pipes, you’ll acquaintance beneath backups and maybe alike see bigger administration of hot and algid water.

The cesspool arrangement “is not article I acclaim messing about with too much,” Wade says, acquainted you’re added acceptable to appear up adjoin abundant cipher blueprint about slope, fall, operators and added capacity that, if done incorrectly, won’t action as they should and could account problems.

Anticipated cost: HomeAdvisor letters a plumber costs, on average, amid $45 and $200 per hour. Expect added abstracts costs if you’re replacing any pipes or drains.

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Houzz Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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