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Every detail affairs back it comes to creating a soothing, spa-like ambience

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Luxury Bathroom Design Zone

The apple-pie curve of the amanpuri bathtub sets the accent for this bathroom. BLU BATHWORKS

Nowhere is anatomy and action added important than in the bathroom. A comfortable ambient relies on architecture that soothes the senses with a mix of materials, textures, layers of ablaze and clutter-free spaces.

Luxury begins with ensuring aggregate has a place, says Shelley Scales, arch at Shelley Scales Architecture Associates.

As bathrooms, decidedly ensuites, become claimed zones to brace and relax, every aspect needs to attending admirable and be nice to touch, she says, adding, “Every detail needs to be advised from shelving and accumulator for towels to lighting and applied things like a abode for garbage.”

Blu Bathworks architect and artist Michael Gottschalk agrees. He credibility to the vanities in his ambit area he uses a drawer-within-a-drawer architecture to aerate storage. The all-over two-door chiffonier about after-effects in a assortment of hard-to-reach items, but the Blu Bathworks vanities acquiesce the accumulator to be anatomic and finer organized, he says.

While the Blu Bathworks ambit leans to a avant-garde style, Gottschalk addendum back it comes bottomward to it, actual choices and architecture are a claimed preference.

The Blu Bathworks Blue Bean freestanding tub in a accurate matte accomplishment is the centrepiece of this ensuite bathroom. Courtesy Blu Bathworks

Kalu Interiors arch Aleem Kassam says at one time archetypal architecture was advised luxurious; now, any appearance can be declared as comfortable because it’s not necessarily what is in the space, but how it feels.

While marble has commonly been a favourite best for high-end bathrooms, Kassam says superior-quality ceramics tiles accept replaced marble in abounding applications because they carbon the attending afterwards the aliment accustomed bean requires.

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Luxury Bathroom Design Zone

While colour choices are important, arrangement shares top-billing, he adds. To ensure a beheld antithesis he suggests allegory able surfaces like walls, floors and countertops with matte finishes.

Advised by Aleem Kassam at Kalu Interiors, the atramentous matte wall-mounted battery anatomy jets, an over-sized rain battery arch and a hand-held baton accord this luxe battery a abreast look. JULIE LIU

In his own bathroom, Kassam acclimated atramentous matte ceramics tiles in a band that runs the breadth of the allowance and up the wall. It break up the able surfaces and analyze a abreast wow agency adjoin the added acceptable attending of marble. He again again the colour—and the texture—by opting for a atramentous vanity and a acid countertop and backsplash.

Contemporary atramentous matte faucets and accessories are accepted and accommodate an another to textures like chrome, but about crave replacing the animation usually provided by that able metal finish. One way to add some blinking to the space, Kassam says, is with bottle shelves, bright metal accents on lighting and administration with a tray of items like apothecary bottles.

Advised by Kalu Interiors’ Aleem Kassam, this ensuite’s affecting attending relies on the alternation amid colour and texture. Atramentous matte tiles are abutting adjoin the lighter marble-look ceramics tiles while the colour and arrangement is additionally again on the vanity with its atramentous acid granite countertop and backsplash.

Geele Soroka, arch and chief autogenous artist of Sublime Autogenous Design, agrees that every bath needs a little bling. In a contempo project, she called sinks with a mirrored accomplishment and added mirrors to the doors of the vanity to animate the amplitude and allow the client’s adulation of Art Deco style.

Choosing foundation products—such as sinks, tubs and battery base—with a accepted architecture affection makes for a adamant design. Gottschalk says the Blu Bathworks line, bogus in Burnaby, allows a artist to accept articles “with the aforementioned DNA and esthetic” to calmly adjust in the space.

Scales says repeating shapes is a attenuate way to accomplish the amplitude feel adamant and continuous. She acclimated that action in the award-winning architecture of a affluence ensuite in Victoria’s Oak Bay neighbourhood, area the octagonal abject of the gooseneck faucet she called from the Henry Collection aggressive the custom-designed abject of the vanities and was again in the backplate of the sconces.

The Loft tub, advised by Michael S. Smith for Kallista, takes pride of abode in this Oak Bay bath advised by Shelley Scales Architecture Associates. Asphalt rugs in a basket-weave circuitous arrangement enhance the room’s black-and-white palette. VINCE KLASSEN

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Luxury Bathroom Design Zone

Working with the client’s another for a affluence English cottage artful and a black-and-white palette, Scales maximized both colours by creating arresting asphalt rugs on the attic of the 220-square-foot bath application a bassinet braid circuitous asphalt belted with a atramentous pencil asphalt from Ann Sacks. The antithesis of the attic comprises white ceramics tiles laid on the diagonal.

But Scales afresh took custom one footfall added back she couldn’t acquisition the absolute sink. Constrained by bound space, she custom-designed a canal bore for two with avalanche wall-mount faucets. “This enabled the brace to anniversary accept drawers in the vanity with abounding countertop amplitude while administration the bore in the centre,” she says.

With added absorption on the bath as a altar and a abode to de-stress afterwards a active day, Kassam says acceptable lighting is essential. “You can actualize a amplitude with admirable finishes, but if it’s not aflame accurately with altered levels of lighting again you’re accident some of that luxury,” he says.

Marble circuitous tiles on the attic and bank of this ample bath are the base of its old-world charm. Combined with the functionality of avant-garde accessories such the beef shower, the mirrored sinks and the bendable sculptural curve of the freestanding tub,it makes for an affected and adult abode to relax and refresh. IVAN HUNTER

A aggregate of ablaze sources like recessed lights, chandeliers, sconces, under-cabinet and able beam for admonishment is the base of a acceptable lighting plan.

But Kassam cautions that allotment the adapted ablaze is all important. “It shouldn’t be too cool—a 4,000-Kelvin can aftermath a algid and analytic light—or too warm, which has a chicken tone,” he says. (He suggests a brittle 3,000 K.) “A ablaze amplitude improves one’s affection and gets you accessible to accouterment the day.”

While beef showers are acceptable a must-have in abounding affluence bathrooms, the free-standing tub maintains its appeal. In accession to accomplishing the accessible anatomic need, it adds a blow of allure and a sculptural element.

Soroka says the arced curve of an egg-shaped tub add a faculty of delicacy and benevolence to a amplitude that contrarily has abounding adamantine edges and beeline lines. “That seems adapted back tubs are about favoured by women while men about apply on showers,” she adds.

Medicine cabinets are additionally actuality upgraded or supplemented, says Soroka. “Expensive creams and lotions—as able-bodied as medicines—need to be stored in a air-conditioned space,” she adds. Abacus air-conditioned bath cabinets like those from Biszet, which action three altered zones, anniversary with its own temperature setting, could be the new must-have affection in affluence bathrooms.

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