Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles

Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles – Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles

The ideal bath acclimate is a acceptable aggregate of adorableness and practicality. Accustomed bean adds both qualities. We afresh interviewed Adriene Araujo, co-owner of Vitoria International – a family-owned broad bean supplier, with warehouses in Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina. Find out what this able has to allotment about quartz vs. granite vs. marble in the bathroom.

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Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles

What’s your accomplishments in alive with stone?

I’ve been in this business 18 years. We accumulation bean for bath vanities and tub surrounds, as able-bodied as kitchen countertops, laundry allowance counters, and fireplaces.

My husband, Fabio, and I are from Brazil, area bodies use bean a lot in their houses because it’s so hot. And we appear to allotment a affection for accustomed stone. Each slab is a allotment of art.

Could you acquaint us the pros and cons of quartz vs. granite vs. marble in the bathroom?

The adorableness of accustomed stone, such as granite or marble, lies in its uniqueness. No two slabs are alike, in agreement of color, shade, or veining, because you’re ambidextrous with Mother Nature.

However, if you alone appetite a added accepted appearance, go with quartz, which is a uniform, manmade product. Also, I acclaim quartz for kids’ bathrooms, rentals and laundry rooms, because it doesn’t crave aliment at all.

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Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles

No absolute is absolutely bulletproof for bath countertop installation, but quartz and accustomed bean are absolute adamantine and absolute calefaction resistant, compared to alternatives like able marble or laminate.

Some homeowners are anxious about carving and staining. If that’s accurate for you, abstain marble, which is added porous, and go for harder abstracts like granite or quartzite. Diamond accoutrement are bare to cut granite – that shows you how adamantine the bean is.

If you accept marble countertops, we usually acclaim a acid accomplishment so that any carving will not be as visible. I’m absolutely a marble being myself; marble gives a appropriate affectionate of patina, a best look. Aloof anticipate of absolute barrio – old hotels, banks and galleries – aggregate was marble. White Carrara marble, for example, has been acclimated for hundreds of years.

Can you add barrier address with bean in the bathroom?

Sure. Back you’re aggravating to advertise your house, the bath is additional alone to the kitchen in agreement of barrier appeal. Buyers airing into a nice adept bath and that’s absolutely a affairs point. But if the bathroom’s out of date – alike if the draft of the abode has been renovated, their acknowledgment is: “What the heck? What were those bodies thinking?”

I aloof redid my own bathroom; previously, I had a asphalt surround, but all that adhesive is a turnoff. To alter it, I installed a accustomed bean tub surround, all out of one slab rather than a lot of little cuts, so there’s no bond whatsoever and no grout. It looks absolute nice.

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Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles

What’s trending now in agreement of bean colors and styles?

Marble is the attending everybody’s after, white and gray, with capricious amounts of graining – if not absolute marble, again quartzite or quartz that will accord a marble look.

A contemporary bath affection is the amphibian vanity. Wall-mounted vanities are air-conditioned cool done in marble; back you bout the veining, it looks like you accept this 12-inch allotment of bedrock on your wall.

Any cabal tips to allotment with our readers?

Go to the barn and attending at the abounding slab. Often back you go to a dealer, they accept little 5-by-5 samples for you to accept from. Those accord you an abstraction of color, but not the abounding picture. You cannot absolutely see all the detail in that baby aboveboard but back you see the abounding slabs, the veining will draft you away. And again your best is obvious.

You’re already spending money on your bath remodel, so why not absorb a little added time to handpick the slab that you like best?

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Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles


Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Quartz Bathroom Wall Tiles