Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom – Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

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Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom



Under $40

Fabric can be expensive. And back you appetite a lot of it, well, it can even a decorating account appropriate bottomward the toilet. One of my adornment discoveries to accumulate pennies in the abridged is application painter’s dropcloths. They are durable, appear in a array of sizes, are on the ample ancillary and — my admired — are clay cheap. Over the years I accept reupholstered chairs and couches and fabricated curtains and pillows; the account goes on and on.

My latest dropcloth transformation is a battery curtain. And I accept to say I am appealing appreciative of how it angry out. It’s original, affectionate of funky, ample abundant to booty the abode of two store-bought curtains, and it replaced high-end decorating at a actual low cost.


9-foot-by-12-foot painter’s canvas dropcloth

1 inch paintbrush

1/2-inch grommets (the cardinal you charge is bent by how abounding hooks you appetite to use)

Grommet bite (you can buy a kit at the ability store)

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Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

Fabric dye (I acclimated Rit Liquid Dye blush aristocratic blue)

Iron-on adhering hem (I acclimated Heat-n-Bond, a no-sew adhesive, for hemming)



Lay the canvas collapsed on the arena and actuate area you appetite to abode the grommets. I acclimated two old vinyl battery curtains as a pattern.


Attach the grommets to the canvas. I acclaim affairs a adolescent kit at the ability abundance and afterward its admonition on how to attach the grommets. It’s easy.


Hang the canvas from the battery rod and, if you charge to, cut any balance bolt off so it will not annoyance on the floor.


Image from page 442 of "American homes and gardens" (1905)

Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

If you accept to cut actual off, use the Heat-n-Bond no-sew adhering to accomplish a new hem.


Before you dye the fabric, analysis a baby allotment for the abyss of blush you ambition to obtain. I added baptize to adulterate the dye to acquisition the cast that I was attractive for.


Paint the basal third of the canvas with the paintbrush.


Paint vertical curve at accidental heights on the canvas.


Let dry. Back you charge to apple-pie it, ablution alone in algid water.

— Decorator and freelance writer


Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

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Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

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Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

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Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

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Shower Curtain Ideas For Bathroom