Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery

Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery – Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery

A mother-of-two with a affection for architecture has appear how she adapted her small two-bedroom £200,000 bungalow into a ‘stunning’ dream five-bedroom address with a account of £128,000. 

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Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery

Georgina Russell, from Cornwall, who kept alone the structural walls of the clutter-filled bungalow she bought in 2017, told how the blowzy address ahead belonged to a hoarder who had anesthetized away.   

Speaking alone to FEMAIL, the adeptness homeowner went on to explain how she took inspiration from the We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook accumulation – and members were larboard so ‘mind-blown’ by her absorbing transformation, that abounding didn’t accept it was the aforementioned house. 

‘We now accept a five-bedroom acreage with account room, adept suite, bathroom, access anteroom and accessible plan kitchen dining active room,’ Georgina explained. 

Georgina Russell, from Cornwall bought a aged bungalow that had belonged to a hoarder, and busy it in a Nordic style. Pictured, Bowen, Georgina and Tom’s son arena in the active room

Georgina Russell, a mother-of-two from Cornwall, aggregate absorbing afore and afterwards pictures of her address makeover. Pictured, the chaotic bath afore it was renovated

The mother-of-two angry a chaotic two-bedroom bungalow into a five-bedroom dream house. Pictured, one of the house’s bathrooms afterwards the revamp

Before the transformation (pictured), the house’s kitchen was cluttered, baby and aphotic – and there wasn’t abundant amplitude to accommodate all of the all-important accessories bare to adapt a ancestors meal 

Following the address transformation, Georgina created a ample and light-filled laundry allowance (pictured)

The mother-of-two told how the refurbishment, accumulated with planning her bells to bedmate Tom, an architect, whom she wed in July 2019, ‘was actually possibly the best demanding time of [the couple’s] lives.’

Before pictures appearance how the address was abounding from floor-to-ceiling with ataxia and looked in atrocious charge of a revamp.

The baby apartment offered little accustomed light, while the bedraggled walls bare a lick of acrylic and the carpeted floors were outdated.

‘The garden was so overgrown,’ recalled Georgina. ‘There was alike a car hidden in the drive that you could not see.’ 

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Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery

The kitchen was bare from the ataxia and the carpeted attic was removed (pictured, during the transformation)

The couple’s abundant new kitchen, which boasts chicken and atramentous decor, is afar abroad from the baby and attenuated kitchen the acreage had before 

People online were so afflicted with the results, they could not accept it was the aforementioned address (pictured)

The brace were accustomed a duke by one of Tom’s friends, who helped about-face the aged acreage into a abundant five-bedroom home – complete with bright walls, abundant board floors, and alike a gym.

They additionally got a wrap-around collapsed roof breastwork addendum and adapted the barn to anatomy two bench bifold bedrooms. 

Outside of the property, the brace remodelled their garden and congenital two sheds to be acclimated for storage, afore addition the driveway to actualize two parking spaces instead of one. 

Meanwhile, anniversary allowance appearance a Nordic style, which is minimalist and helps to emphasise the house’s stand-out appearance – and abounding of the altar were purchased at a bargain amount from the brand of eBay.  

The baby bungalow acclimated to accord to a hoarder who anesthetized abroad and was abounding with ataxia (pictured before)

The bedroom’s in the bungalow acclimated to be abounding of clutter (pictured). Georgina and her bedmate set to assignment removing all of the centralized walls but three 

The house’s active allowance was emptied and bare of the carpeting and wallpaper (pictured). The advance took the ancestors two year’s to complete

Georgina and Tom actually continued the anatomy of the address in a bid to access the space. Pictured, the house’s access now

One of the house’s new bathroom, able with an Italian shower, bath and affluence bore (pictured)

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Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery

The bungalow’s old bath (pictured) featured a damaged attic and beam – not to acknowledgment a aged bathtub

Georgina and Tom removed the old bungalow’s attenuated corridor, which affiliated all the apartment (pictured)

The brace created a ablaze and aerial children’s allowance – complete with applesauce beds and pastel-coloured toys (pictured)

Tom and Georgina’s allowance (pictured left) is appropriate abutting to their daughter’s allowance (right). The ancestors accomplished the architecture of the address in 2019

And abounding on the Facebook accumulation were larboard absolute abroad by the afore and afterwards pictures of the unrecognisable advance – with some alike badinage it can’t be the aforementioned house.   

‘What a amazing job. It’s so beautiful. I would never accept estimated it was the aforementioned house,’ wrote one, while a additional commented: ‘I can’t cope with your house. It’s aloof actually apperception blowing.’

A added added: ‘OMG! What an amazing amplitude you accept created. You charge be exhausted? Time to sit with your anxiety up and booty what you accept achieved.

Pictured, the exoteric of the house, old driveway and the garden aback Georgina and Tom aboriginal purchased the bungalow in 2017 

The address now (pictured) boats an addendum and revamped garden. It additionally includes two driveways for parking instead of one 

The exoteric of the address from the back. It includes a gym and a balustrade and a board terrace  (pictured)

Georgina fabricated abiding her dream home included a gym (pictured), which boasts affluence of ablaze and space

People on amusing media couldn’t accept how abundant the address has afflicted – with abounding branding the after-effects ‘mind-blowing’ (pictured)

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Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery

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Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery

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Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery

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Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery

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Small Bathroom Design Photo Gallery